what we offer

New press design & concepts

Instead of installing a standard press or other equipment that is typically limited in capability and future potential, we analyize your current production demands as well as future possibilities and then custom design a highly flexible and complete system that best addresses your particular situation. All parts of the process must be considered and work together as a single system in order to gain the highest efficiencies possible in terms of the best quality, the lowest waste, high productivity and quick turn around times with the least amount of labor required.

Project management

Many printers rely on others when installing equipment or building a facility assuming project management comes along with the purchase. Although suppliers usually do manage their side of the activity, it is critically important this also be done from your side to insure the best results possible, not just what is needed for people to finish and go home. Sourcing this in house can be problematic due to every day production demands as well as a lack of experience. Having a qualified project manager to follow all the details and making sure the project is 100% complete is the best road for success.

Work flow design

Streamlined and highly efficient work flow is one of the most important keys to a successful printing operation today. Configuration of all equipment must be optimized to minimze human intervention in regard to operation and maintenance as well as installation cost and building requirements. An equally important part of this is understanding all of the technology available and how to integrate and incorporate it to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and reliability while at the same time not being overly complex for your printers to use on a daily basis.

Contractual assistance

Just as beneficial as designing a machine or building that best suits your specific needs, putting together your own contract is equally important in getting everything done in the best way possible. Many rely on using manufacturers boilerplate contracts for this but these are usually not in your best interest and just like building a production facility and installing the equipment, experience in this regard can be extremely helpful in putting together the best contract possible.

Testing and QA programs

We offer a broad range of testing and QA programs ranging from typical print quality testing to defect testing to complete new equipment installation testing and certification. Each situation is different and tailored to your specific needs.

Press audits and appraisals

Do you have existing equipment that is not performing the way it used to or the way it should and want to know why and what the best course of action would be to address this? Or, do you have equipment to sell or need appraised for other reasons? We can assist with most all of these types of situations.